Northeast Professional Geneology
The Research

Genealogy is a spiritual odyssey of self-discovery, and can be profoundly rewarding. If you are just beginning, you are fortunate, for there are more records available now than ever before. However, this tremendous maze of depositories, databases and Web sites can be confusing, even to the advanced researcher.

Many people turn to a professional to find their family histories. A professional can actually save you money and hours of work by knowing what resources are available, where they are located and how to record information accurately. You want someone who…

  • accurate and thorough
  • ...knows how to weigh the evidence
  • ...can handle difficult areas of research
  • ...uses intelligence and intuition
  • ...arrives at the correct conclusions
  • ...documents all facts using original sources

As a professional family historian, I subscribe to the codes of ethics of several professional organizations. I believe in clear communication with clients and timely reporting. Whether you are another professional or a beginner, you receive professionally prepared reports with thorough documentation.

Your work is entered into modern computer programs (I use RootsMagic™). I subscribe to the latest commercial Web sites and am familiar with Internet research. You can be assured that the most up-to-date means of collecting, storing and presenting data are used in your family history research.

Mission Statement

I pledge to...

  • Perform careful, accurate and documented genealogical research to fulfill the customer's stated goals.
  • Utilize the highest technology and most extensive means of acquiring genealogical data within my reach, assuring the best results for your family history.
  • Deliver the best quality professional reports that will become treasured family documents in themselves.
  • Maintain customer satisfaction through quality workmanship and reasonable costs.
  • Keep myself accessible to you, the customer, at all times, and respond to your questions as quickly as possible.

Here are some unsolicited words from clients:

  • "I received your packet…last week. I was very excited - I must have looked it over a hundred times." (New Hampshire)
  • "…the information you sent me was the best and most organized I have seen..." (Western Australia)
  • "…your first report…seems quite thorough, and I like the documentation." (Montana)
  • "To say I am pleased is surely an understatement. I am beside myself with joy!! Have read over your 'discoveries' numerous times." (New York)
  • "I am grateful for your well documented work." (Georgia)
  • "Your report of research…arrived yesterday in perfect shape and in impressive style…I compliment you on the thoroughness of your research, its documentation and presentation." (Illinois)
  • "I appreciate your thoroughness." (Virginia)
  • "What an excellent report!! I do thank you." (Arizona)
  • "What an exceptionally conscientious, thorough and wonderful job you did in putting together the genealogy for [my family]. I am simply thrilled by all of the documentation you assembled and am delighted, as will be all of my relatives about the lineage and verifiability of it." (Pennsylvania)
  • "Thank you for the well-crafted report on my research questions." (Minnesota)
  • "WOW, what a 'class act' your initial document is!!!!!!!…had to compliment you on the really GREAT report you have submitted thus far." (Florida)
  • "…the beautiful report…is probably one of the most meaningful documents I have had in my lifetime…" (New York)
  • “You are a pleasure to work with. We feel very lucky to have found you.” (North Carolina)