Northeast Professional Geneology
The Research Report

Regardless of where your ancestors were located in Connecticut, I can usually find their history. While there is a slight advantage to living near the towns where your ancestors came from, most research takes place at the Connecticut State Library in Hartford where I research most of the week. The records of all towns are literally at my fingertips. Land, probate and other court records, census, military, cemetery, not to mention town histories and family genealogies for all towns, are there, and I use them every day. In addition, all vital records from the earliest days to the present, including the newly available state’s copies, which are compiled from 1 July 1897 to the present, are just a few minutes’ walk from the State Library. I know where the records are when your family history requires them. The only travel expenses I charge are for extraordinary trips, and I will confer with you prior to making one.

I enter all data into my genealogical program, RootsMagic, the successor to Family Origins. I have used this program for over 12 years and it is a winner. I recommend it in the highest possible terms. If you desire, I will send you a GEDCOM of my research with each fact carefully documented.

A GEDCOM is a file of genealogical data that you can use with every major genealogical computer software. For example, if you use Family Tree Maker® you can import my GEDCOM file into your program with minimal loss of data. That way you will have all my research and all your family members I found linked together in one data, easy to view on your own computer. With that program, you can print out all charts, share your information with other family members, and build onto this foundation with your continuing research. Of course, if you use Roots Magic, my GEDCOM file fits in 100%. Click to find out about RootsMagic software.

Your research is carefully and expertly typed into a report that will itself become a cherished family document. I know that some of you “just want the raw facts,” but an professional expert will always try to convince you that compiling a report is the superior way to pursue research in a way that can be understood by you and those around you. For example, if you were to wish to continue research a year or more from now, your family history report will serve as an excellent beginning for you, your relatives or another professional genealogist.

In addition to a GEDCOM file, you may also receive various charts of your family genealogy as they pertain to the research:

  • Pedigree Charts
  • Family Group Sheets
  • Descendancy Charts
  • Ahnentafel (also called Sosa-Stradonitz) Charts

Your report is placed into an attractive binder and includes…

  • Cover page
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction to the Research
  • Summary of your data submitted prior to the research
  • Definition of the Genealogical Challenge
  • Summary of the Research
  • Suggestions for future research
  • The research is logged chronologically
  • Meticulous citations of all the sources searched
  • Annotations of my professional opinions
  • A list of all sources searched for the research
  • A glossary of abbreviations and terms used

The report is sent to you in any manner you prefer:

  • E-mail as an MSWord file (for faster service)
  • FedEx
  • Fax
  • Regular mail

With extensive family research, I can help you compose an attractive book of your family history that will make a treasured family gift for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. These books consist of all the research I have compiled for you, plus family photographs and anything else you would like to include. The prices are very reasonable.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. I hope to hear from you concerning your research order!